Why do you need a GutterStick?

Gutter systems are designed to control the flow of water away from your home. Gutters that fall into disrepair and become clogged are unable to do their job, which is to protect your home from damage. You may have the impression that your gutters were recently cleared, but they're blocked again! Instead of efficiently channeling water away from your home, they now resemble a dam, accumulating water that gradually infiltrates your roof and provides an environment for pests to thrive.

How the GutterStick keeps your gutters clean and flowing:

Patented Design

The GutterStick unique and affordable design allows water to keep flowing, regardless of what is in it's path.

Optimized Perforation

Unlike other gutter guard systems, the Gutter Stick has uniquely optimized perforation, so even if they get clogged at the top, water can continue to flow.

Custom Fit

The patented Gutter Stick is designed with differet downspouts in mind. The special plate allows the Gutter Stick to be held firmly in place with any downspout.

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